Answered By: Margaret Dunlap
Last Updated: Nov 06, 2018     Views: 2650

In our catalog, the term Shipped means that your hold is being shipped to your pick-up location. You will receive a notice when your requested title is on the shelf and ready to pick up.

Other terms about your holds.

Active: When a hold request is first placed it will have an Active status.

Pending: If you are next on the list and the item is on the shelf the status will change to Pending to alert staff to pull it for you.

Shipped: If your hold status is Shipped then the item is being shipped to your pick-up location to satisfy your hold.

Held: Held status mean the title is in on the hold for you and ready to pick up at your library.

Inactive: If you choose to suspend your hold for a future date and retain your place in line, the hold will be listed as Inactive. You can set the activation date in the My Account section of the catalog.

Canceled: If you choose to cancel a hold before it expires then the status will be listed as Canceled.